I've been a musician (composer, singer, guitarist and producer) for as long as I've been a filmmaker, and enjoy the collaborative nature of both. 

From 1994 to 2006 I was a member of acclaimed Australian independent band The Dumb Earth, who released Walk The Earth (1997), Auld Lanxiety Attack (1999), Blessings In Disguise (2001), Old Days (2004) and Dry Land (2006). In 1996, I founded The Hired Guns. To date, we've released 3 albums: Between Here & The Night (2002), You Know Something (2010) and Golden Home (2014). In 2005, I teamed up with with singer Karen Vogt and musician Paul Cartwright on a studio project called Kurosawa, releasing one album, Your Star Has Fallen Over (2009).

A selection of my songs (with lyrics):

You’re Not There For Me

Blue Sunday

Loose Change

You Know Something I Don’t

Marion Crane

The Open Road


Leave You

Until Our Hearts Are Broken

Play The Scene