Leave You

Your lips were moving in your sleep
As I leaned down to listen
I heard names that were unfamiliar
I heard promises broken

I saw a face I thought I knew so well
Become the face of a stranger
I never imagine for even a moment
That our love was in danger

I felt the stars moving through the night sky
I felt the bed growing colder
I felt the blood tapping in my temple
I felt myself growing older

Somebody can leave you
Without even moving
While they’re lying beside you
You can still hold them
You can still kiss them, but
You’ll feel the emptiness inside you

And as the dawn makes its way across my table
I feel your shadow on my back
I crush the life out of my seventh cigarette
And draw another one from the pack

You stand framed by the bedroom doorway
Watching me pack my suitcase
I make a list of all the things I’ll leave behind me
Your body, your soul, your face

Somebody can leave you
Come tomorrow morning
I won't be there beside you
Will you miss holding me?
Will you miss my kisses?
Will you feel feel the emptiness inside you?