In Development


SYNOPSIS: Haunted by a ghost from his past, faded rock star Gene Vincent embarks on a tour that will prove to be his last. 

- Winner: McCraith House Residency courtesy of RMIT, Film Victoria & AWG (2017)
- Developed with assistance from Scripted Ink (2017)

- Winner (2nd Prize): 2004 Nashville Screenwriters Conference Screenplay Competition

DIRECTOR: Tom Campbell
SYNOPSIS: A grieving singer experiences strange hauntings at the isolated house where her former musical partner recently died, leaving behind him mysterious recordings which hold the secret of a terrible tragedy that occurred within its walls.

(Adapted from the novel by Anson Cameron)
PRODUCER: Trevor Blainey
DIRECTOR: Matthew Saville
SYNOPSIS: After a drought drives his wife to suicide, a South Australian farmer blows up a Queensland dam, releasing a mighty flood. Accompanied by his young daughter, he rides down the resurrected river on a stolen boat, hoping to evade authorities long enough to be welcomed home a hero.

TINGO   WRITERS: Adam Spellicy & Scout Cripps
SYNOPSIS: After surviving a plane crash in the Australian outback, a schoolgirl bonds with a wild Dingo during her perilous trek back to civilisation. But when hunters threaten the Dingo, the girl must choose between salvation or loyalty to her newfound friend.

- Developed with assistance from ScreenACT's Accelerator Pod (2017)

JADE DRAGON   WRITERS: Adam Spellicy & Aaron Hawke
PRODUCERS: Margaret Tillson, Sher Li Tan, Darcy Yuille & Lisa Leong
SYNOPSIS: When an ambitious ballet student is harassed by a predatory gangster, she must abandon her dreams and learn to defend herself using the ancient martial art of Wing Chun. 


MARY, MARY   WRITERS: Adam Spellicy & Penelope Chai
(Adapted from a short story by Shane M. Brown)     
SYNOPSIS:  In a future society where women have been replaced by identical submissive clones, Mary’s fight to prove her humanity becomes a battle for her survival.

- Winner: 2016 AWG Monte Miller Award - Long Form Category
- Winner: 2016 AWG John Hinde Award for Best Unproduced Science Fiction Screenplay
- Finalist: 2015 AWG INSITE Award for Best Unproduced Screenplay
- Developed with funding from Screen Australia (2013 / 2014)

BULADJANG  (TV Mini-Series)   WRITER: Adam Spellicy
(From a story by Adam Spellicy & Tony McMahon) 
PRODUCER: Trevor Blainey
SYNOPSIS: When an ambitious collector of Aboriginal art uncovers the secret indigenous mythology of a forbidden region known as ‘Buladjang’ (‘Sickness Country’), he becomes an unwitting pawn in an illegal US uranium mining operation - and a CIA plot to overthrow the Whitlam government.

NAUTILUS WRITERS: Adam Spellicy & Marisa Nathar
SYNOPSIS: In a seaside village that guards a portal to a parallel dimension, the return of a long-lost sister and the search for a missing daughter will decide the fate of our world.


THE BENDS   WRITER: Adam Spellicy
(Story by Tom Campbell)    
PRODUCER: Alexandra George / Exit Films
DIRECTOR: Tom Campbell
SYNOPSIS:  A Mixed Martial Arts fighter discovers she is pregnant days before the fight of her career.