I'm a a filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. Born in Adelaide, South
Australia, I spent many formative years in the New South Wales mining town of
Broken Hill, where Wake In Fright was filmed (and which was every bit as frightening as its filmic alter-ego “Bundanyabba”). I credit that experience with my enduring
fascination for dark, mysterious stories. 

My early creative career as a graphic designer and advertising copywriter was followed by a decade recording, performing and touring in acclaimed independent band The Dumb Earth, during which time I also directed music videos for various artists. I have written and directed three short films: The Body Watchers (2009); Mystic Eyes (2009); and Keeper (2011), all of which have screened at local and international film festivals.

In 2012, I made my debut as a theatrical director, mounting the first Australian production of UK playwright Ella Hickson’s ‘Eight’ and an open-air production of Eric Bogosian's 'SubUrbia' - both with Exhibit A: Theatre company.

More recently I have focused on screenwriting. Information on my current projects can be found here.